Partnership with UK Versity

The Online Education in the last few years has become a viable option. Students and professional from all over the world can now study a variety of courses online. UK Versity has specialised in the delivery of various courses including Accounting, Business, Computing, Digital Marketing, Law, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism and Teaching. UK Versity delivers various Ofqual regulated courses from various awarding organisations which lead to University degrees progression and MBAs online for less than £3750 and with our agent referral scheme you can be part of our recruitment chain.

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How does it work?

UK Versity offers commission for referral of students. UK Versity invites agents and recruitment consultants to partner with us. Sign up with us and start recruiting. We also deliver trainings via the bootcamp or workshops for small and large companies on a variety of courses. All qualification we deliver lead to university progression, so you can study with us and gain a UK degree qualification which is delivered via our partner network.

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