Course Overview (QAN 501/0885/2)

This qualification is intended for those who assess both occupational competence in the work environment and vocational skills, knowledge and understanding in environments other than the workplace (for example a workshop, classroom or other training environment). Learners must complete 3 mandatory units worth 15 credits in total to achieve the NCFE Level 3 certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement.

This qualification is required for:

  • This qualification which relates most to the old A1 qualification.
  • Its consists of Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3
  • It is for assessors who need to be qualified to assess in all of the assessment situations like workplace, classroom or workshop based training environment and using all of the methodologies

Qualification Structure

Unit 1: Understanding Principles and Practices Assessment (D/601/5313)- 3 credits
This aim of this unit is to assess the learning and development practitioner’s knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of assessment. Practitioner means anyone with a learning and development responsibility as the whole or part of their role.

Unit 2:  Assess occupational competence in the work environment (H/601/5314)- 6 credits
The aim of this unit is to assess a learning and development practitioner’s performance in carrying out assessments of occupational competence in a work environment. This unit requires evidence of using the following assessment methods

  • observation of performance in the work environment
  • examining products of work
  • questioning the learner
  • discussion with learner
  • use of other (witness testimony)
  • looking at learner statements
  • recognising prior learning

Unit 3: Assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding (F/601/5319)- 6 credits
The aim of this unit is to assess a learning and development practitioner’s performance in carrying out the assessment of vocational skills, knowledge and understanding outside of the work environment. Assessment methods include

  • Assessment of learner in simulated environments
  • skills tests
  • oral and written questions
  • assignments
  • projects
  • case studies
  • recognising prior learning

Academic and Entry Requirements

  1. These qualifications are designed for learner aged 19 and above.
  2. be involved in an assessment team to demonstrate standardisation meetings and practices.
  3. You have experience of the assessment process.
  4. undertake functional skills assessment to conform an acceptable knowledge of Maths and English
  5. Be IT Literate and have access to a computer/ internet / Skype and MS office suite of softwares

The range of direct evidence MUST include:

  • monitoring of a minimum of TWO learners
  • examination of products of work and questioning

These can be supplemented, where necessary, with professional discussion, reflective accounts or witness statements.

Course Material – all course material, including presentations, handouts, assignment briefs and e-books are made available to enrolled learners. In addition to this, the learners also get the course handbook and tutorial via emails to support the learning.

Online learning – The learner sets the pace for learning and the courses are offered across an academic year basis. Although our tutors encourage the learners to make progress monthly, but this approach is flexible.

Certification- The Diploma is issued by the NCFE. UK Versity Online Limited (Number 8465520) is an accredited and approved delivery Centre for NCFE qualifications.

Fees – 695*

* The fee includes registration and assessment

Key Facts

Awarding Body : Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE)
Course Duration : 2-3 months
Method of study : Full Time
Qualification Level : 3

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