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UK Versity Online EDUCATION That EMPOWERS LIVES Technology has already changed the way we study and gain education. Now technology is changing the way education is delivered. Traditionally, we used to study in a classroom environment. Now you can study online where tutors provide ongoing support. UK Versity brings together the best of academic educational courses for students […]

UK Versity Online Graduation: Class of 2015 & 2016

Manchester, England UK [7 July 2016] – UK Versity Online has announced its summer 2016 graduates. Nearly 117 students are expected to receive their awards in the summer Graduation ceremony being held on 7th July at the St. Thomas Centre, Ardwick.

Impact of BREXIT on education sector

We are all living in interesting times. The impact ( i.e. shock of brexit) brexit has already created a bit of uncertainty and exposed deep divisions within our society. However not everything is doom and gloom. Lets look at the positive aspect of it. Economic Impact – the pound has fallen sharply ( approx 10%) […]

Brexit Poll

How many of us think staying in the EU would be good for our and kids future?  The blog is aimed at sharing my personal views on Britain’s membership of EU. Having read and listened to both sides, i have come to the following conclusion. Britain will be better off OUTSIDE the EU and it is […]

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